Im a sad queer

Things I’ve gotten sad about tonight
-Ropes Pierre
-John Galt
-Newt from Pacific Rim
-the song, Girls/Girls/Boys

i listened to girls/girls/boys too many times and im sad now

ive been shouting about ropes pierre and john galt on skype and i don’t know why :’(

it’s 2014 get that fucking slur out of your username you think anyone wants to see that shit
mumford sons: i have a beeEEEeard *jangalangalangalnag*


Misogynists HATE her! Local woman is woman

[7/28/14 12:01:18 AM] Zevran (sexy): ((i typed too much with my hurt arm and i r e g r e t))
[7/28/14 12:02:02 AM] Grissom (old): ((take it easy, larisa))
[7/28/14 12:02:03 AM] Balthier (cool): [He does so. He just. He looks so uncomfortable.]
[7/28/14 12:02:18 AM] Balthier (cool): ((dont hurt your good handy arm larisa))

i sent lyndsey the music video to we exist by arcade fire and her commentary is great

[7/27/14 10:19:50 PM] Balthier (cool): 1:20 - that wig is so gross
[7/27/14 10:20:01 PM] Zevran (sexy): also it starts slipping off
[7/27/14 10:20:05 PM] Zevran (sexy): pull ur wig down
[7/27/14 10:20:13 PM] Balthier (cool): love ur self smh
[7/27/14 10:20:16 PM] Zevran (sexy): why did u shave your head you need some hair to pin the wig to
[7/27/14 10:20:33 PM] Balthier (cool): and use a fucking wig cap fck
[7/27/14 10:20:38 PM] Balthier (cool): do you know nothing abotu wigs
[7/27/14 10:23:07 PM] Balthier (cool): im just
[7/27/14 10:23:17 PM] Balthier (cool): confused and uncomfortable

She scares the hell out of me and calms my soul at the same time. Maybe that’s what love is—a total contradiction that somehow balances out.
Tammara Webber, Where You Are  (via ravenclawwrites)

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nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go [dr cid voice] she’s not entirely without merit


*points to favorite character* bisexual

*fandom crying loudly* no…stop……theyre not….they either homogay or heterostraight…..please don’t….

*points to favorite character again* love that bisexual


[8:51:09 PM] Balthier (cool): or women voting
[8:51:14 PM] Grissom (old): HA
[8:51:16 PM] Grissom (old): VOTING
[8:51:24 PM] Balthier (cool): hahaha
[8:51:26 PM] Zevran (sexy): lmao
[8:51:33 PM] Zevran (sexy): “”“”“voting”“”“”
[8:51:50 PM] Grissom (old): they don’t even have brains, just little skull kitchens
[8:51:57 PM] Grissom (old): how can they vote
[8:51:58 PM] Zevran (sexy): i found snake
[8:52:14 PM] Zevran (sexy): skulleries
[8:52:17 PM] Zevran (sexy): ehehehehe
[8:52:18 PM] Grissom (old): FUCK


thank u ryden

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